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Website Design

Besic eCommerce Website

BPC rightly caters to your business needs and facilitate you with a complete e-commerce website which would attract a lot more visitors and also expedite the process of smooth sales and delivery We can also integrate advanced features, such as the provision of analysis data, integration with stock management, special offer systems and mailing lists and even invoicing systems all within your eCommerce web design

The basic eCommerce service includes:

Affordable eCommerce Website Design.

Product Management Website Interface.

You can control Shipping Management on the Website.

We are a leading provider of e-commerce systems for independent retailers. By choosing us to develop an e-commerce system, you can transform your local shop into an international business. If you intend to sell a product or offer a subscription service from your site, you will generally need to integrate shopping cart system with a secure credit card payment system. A range of powerful backend tools are merged with the system for your easier accessibility. We take the process into our account to analysis the trend and statistical environment for your business. These tools help to enrich your website, after taking our feedbacks. Making your e-commerce website design responsive to mobile and tablet devices is crucial and will make significant improvements to your online sales and conversions. Right choice is something you need to make among the numerous e-commerce platforms. We will help you to pick up the right option that will be befitting in your range of cost.

What Do I Get ?

Completely Manageable eCommere Website.

Mobile responsive website design.

Incorporated Discount and Voucher System.

Image zoom option to highlight important products.

Get max 5 images per product.

Shipping process, delivery, Customer management.

Integration of 1 Payment Gateway.

Tool to Order & System of Invoice management..

.NET Development

Business Pro Creation provides full-cycle development services in Microsoft .NET to ISVs, product Development companies. We are comprised of a large number of certified developers who dedicatedly work on Microsoft .NET platform and our Technology Specialists provide a wide range of services and development solutions in Microsoft .NET.

We provide full-cycle services on .NET platform in a way that reflects our advanced teamwork.

We provide customized .NET application and product development services to suit your unique functional and business requirements. Our team of .NET developers are experts in creating high-performance, process-oriented applications and software products for desktop, web, cloud and mobile platforms, ensuring mature SLAs and creating a right balance between quality, cost and security standards.

.NET Application Integration

We provide full set of application integration services to expand the operability and functional capabilities of your existing .NET-based applications. We possess strong records in integrating applications with a variety of CMSs, CRMs, ERPs, BIs, Databases, Client Servers, third-party applications and many more.

Application Migration & Upgrade on .NET

We perform flawless migration of your legacy applications to modern .NET solutions. We are adept at migrating both web and desktop-based applications to latest .NET environment, enhancing their overall stability and performance. We also provide support to upgrade your existing .NET applications to newer.Net frameworks and platforms, reducing the overall cost and time to upgrade.

QA & Testing

We provide quality assurance and testing services of your .NET applications, conducting a detailed pre to post release functionality, performance and load verification and analysis utilizing best practices, tools and testing solutions.

PHP Development

With the help of PHP development developers can create excellent web solutions including websites and web applications. We can take examples of Facebook and Wikipedia as fully functional and highly usable PHP websites. PHP works great and is compatible with numerous databases and make it possible to build data driven and high performance websites.

The most important benefit of using PHP is its easy availability of resources. PHP code is well structured and easy to understand, If one wants to change his current website and its features but he is not happy with his previous developers and do not want to work with them, he can easily hire PHP developers. There is plenty of scope available for companies doing PHP development in India, USA, UK, Australia and other places too. Thus one can easily find and hire any of these companies for his future requirements

People can easily develop websites and web apps using these kinds of websites. These are available in the form of software frameworks. Frameworks like CodeIgniter and cakePHP facilitate rapid application development. For CMS there are frameworks like WordPress and Drupal.

Thus we can conclude PHP as a mature platform for web application development. Different PHP development companies in India, Australia or USA have their different reasons select it, but at last, we can say that it is not a wrong decision to use it. People can also hire PHP developers for their various requirement of PHP development as per project requirements or for some specific amount of time too.

CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is the open source software which is used in creating promising and effective websites with the use of PHP framework. The main attribute of CodeIgniter develoment is developing and creating websites seamlessly with a rapid pace.

CodeIgniter accredits programmers and developers for creating gen-next encouraging web applications. This wonderful web application platform helps the developers in developing IT web projects rapidly, by providing set of libraries for commonly used tasks instead of writing code from the scratch

Features of Codeigniter Development

CodeIgniter helps developers in creating highly reactive websites.

CodeIgniter is competent for content-oriented projects.

CodeIgniter has got sets of comprehensive libraries which assists developers to build websites at a rapid pace.

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